WRC: stars share their rally idols

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In the world of rallying, every driver has their own heroes, those iconic figures whose exploits on the stages have inspired generations of racers. Recently, a group of WRC drivers opened up about their biggest idols in a revealing video series.

First up, Elfyn Evans, currently competing alongside Sébastien Ogier, the eight-time world rally champion. Despite their partnership, Evans found it odd to name Ogier as his greatest idol, having raced against him and been teammates for years.

Thierry Neuville, on the other hand, chose his fellow countryman Bruno Thiry as his idol. Although Neuville acknowledges the fame of Colin McRae, he opts for Thiry due to his personal connection, being from the same region.

The youngest driver in the Rally1 field, Grégoire Munster, shares admiration for Sébastien Ogier, acknowledging his ability to win with various cars and become a multiple-time world champion. Munster also reminisces about his childhood idol, Petter Solberg, whose rallying prowess captured his imagination during his formative years.

For Takamoto Katsuta, the choice was clear: Sébastien Loeb, the most successful driver in WRC history. Katsuta fondly recalls watching rallies with his father, even though he didn’t understand English at the time, he was captivated by Loeb’s skill.

Adrien Fourmaux, much like Evans and Munster, is a devoted fan of Sébastien Ogier. From a young age, he admired Ogier’s driving and his battles with other greats of the sport.

As for Sébastien Ogier himself, choosing a single idol proved difficult amidst a plethora of champions. From his early memories of Miki Biasion with Lancia to the dominance of Sébastien Loeb, Ogier also pays tribute to Colin McRae, whose influence extended beyond the rally stages into popular culture, such as video games.

Ott Tänak’s interest in rallying was sparked by his father’s tales of the sport, with names like Mäkinen, Kankkunen, and Auriol dominating conversations on their way back from the Rally of Finland.

Finally, Andreas Mikkelsen, inspired by Petter Solberg’s passion and motivation, also counts Sébastien Ogier as a significant influence, having received guidance from him during their time as teammates.

In a sport fueled by adrenaline and determination, these drivers’ stories highlight the diverse paths that lead them to the top of the rally world, each one inspired by their own personal rallying hero.