WRC: Katsuta takes lead at Rally Sweden

20240216 120724.jpg

In Sweden anything can happen, Tanak and Rovanpera already retired

At the end of SS4, Katsuta positioned himself at the top of the leaderboard, displaying impressive prowess amidst the challenging terrain. Following closely behind, Lappi trailed by 11.4 seconds, with Evans in third place, 13.3 seconds adrift. The top 5 standings were rounded off by Fourmaux and Neuville, the latter grappling with the disadvantage of starting first on the special stages, a predicament that proved costly.

However, the rally was not without its casualties. Tanak, driving for Hyundai, suffered a premature exit due to radiator damage, while reigning world champion Rovanpera, piloting for Toyota, also faced an untimely retirement. Munster encountered a setback of over four minutes due to a puncture, highlighting the unforgiving nature of the rally.

In the WRC2 category, Oliver Solberg dominated the proceedings, showcasing his skill and determination on the demanding Swedish stages. Meanwhile, Sami Pajari emerged as the leader of the WRC2 Challenge, further adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the event.

As the Rally Sweden continues to unfold, spectators and enthusiasts alike remain captivated by the exhilarating action and the ever-changing dynamics of the competition. With each stage presenting new challenges and opportunities, the stage is set for an electrifying conclusion to this iconic event in the World Rally Championship calendar.