Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy debuts in the Italian Rally Championship with the new GR Yaris Rally2

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The program will see the official participation of Toyota Motor Italia with the support of TGR Italy, within the national pinnacle of the specialty. The steering wheel of the GR Yaris Rally2 will be entrusted to Giandomenico Basso, a two-time European champion and four-time Italian rally champion.

Toyota Motor Italia is ready to make its debut in the Italian Absolute Rally Championship, where it will field the new GR Yaris Rally2. The program will be managed by its racing department – Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy – which will provide operational support in the seven championship events. Giandomenico Basso, a two-time European champion and four-time Italian rally champion, will be behind the wheel of the car, with co-driver Lorenzo Granai by his side.

This challenge will unfold on the roads of the national championship, starting from the Rally Il Ciocco (March 15-16) and continuing with subsequent events such as the Rally Regione Piemonte (April 12-13), Targa Florio (May 10-11), Rally Due Valli (June 28-29), Rally di Roma Capitale (July 26-28), Rally 1000 Miglia (September 13-14), and culminating in the grand finale at Rallye Sanremo (October 18-19).

“What we learn by pushing our race cars to the limit, we try to translate into benefits for our production models, just as we aim to convey the intense emotions that only motorsport competitions can produce to our passionate fans and customers. That’s why, even in Italy, we reaffirm our commitment to motorsport activities, with the fourth edition of the GR Yaris Rally Cup and now with the confirmation of our participation in the Italian Championship with the brand-new GR Yaris Rally2,” stated Christian Mohorovicich, Marketing Director of Toyota Motor Italia. “Thanks to the Rally2 project, we will have the opportunity to provide the right stimulus to young talents to grow and aspire to even more significant achievements, confirming our commitment to promoting and encouraging the growth of new generations of drivers, with the goal of discovering the champions of the future alongside Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy and its team principal, Tobia Cavallini. For our debut in the championship, we have decided to rely on a highly skilled driver, which will allow the team to grow even faster.”

Alongside global competitions where Toyota is a key player in WRC, WEC, and W2RC, the sports activities managed at the local level by Toyota Motor Italia through Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy serve precisely this purpose: to be a laboratory for continuous improvement, both in terms of product and applied technologies, as well as the skills of the people involved.

Simultaneously, sports activities such as the GR Yaris Rally Cup, now in its fourth edition, and this year’s participation in the Italian Rally Championship contribute to increasing Toyota’s reputation as a brand capable of excelling in challenging competitions. This also expands the fan base among motorsport enthusiasts, enhancing the overall perception of the brand among the general public.

Giandomenico Basso, who will be behind the wheel of the GR Yaris Rally2 for the TGR Italy team, stated: “I am thrilled to embark on this adventure aboard the new GR Yaris Rally2 and to debut it in the Italian Rally Championship. New challenges have always fascinated and motivated me. Alongside Lorenzo Granai, we will strive to give our best. I am very curious about this new project and this car. I want to express my gratitude to Toyota Motor Italia, TGR Italy, Pirelli, and my sponsors for making all of this possible.”

The GR Yaris Rally2 made its first appearance at the 2022 Rally Japan, driven by Chairman Akio Toyoda, also known as ‘Morizo’. Since then, extensive testing has been conducted, and feedback has been collected from various drivers in different conditions across various regions worldwide. Over 15,000 kilometers have been covered, including participation in the Japanese Rally Championship. The initial units also took part in the first stage of the WRC Championship at the Rally Monte Carlo.