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Toyota GR Yaris Rally1

Soon on these screens the Rally1 Hybrid Gattopardo

We were on the edge of the precipice, just three steps away, and thinking of going backwards, he took another forward. What do we do now? Damn Rally2 Plus. No, the problem is Rally1. But what do we do? We stop. He puts on the handbrake. He…
2003 solberg rally gb

Can Subaru returns in WRC? New STI director is optimistic

Hiromi Tamou takes the chair at Subaru Tecnica International and comments about japanese brand return in World Rally Championship after 2008 withdraw. Can the dream comes true for milion subaru fans around the world? Among the remarkable…
Ott Tanak, Monte-Carlo 2024

WRC reform at risk: manufacturers don’t want it

Hyundai appears to be the manufacturer most at risk of withdrawing from the championship, with work on the development of the new i20 Rally1 already stalled. The threat of abandonment is real, and team officials and drivers have already expressed…
neuville swe 23

The new Rally1 cars will cost 950,000 euros

This decision will result in a significant reduction in the cost of Rally1 cars, lowering it by approximately 150.000 euros compared to the current cost of around 1,2 million euros, opening the doors to greater competitiveness and accessibility…

Hybrid goodbye and aerodynamics for Rally2: 400 thousand euros for rally car

One of the most significant changes concerns the revision of Rally1 cars, which will include a reduction in power through a smaller turbo restrictor and a more contained aerodynamic design. These changes, scheduled for 2025, aim to reduce the…
cyril abiteboul

Abiteboul warns the WRC Promoter: we want entertainment

Hyundai emerges as a pivotal player in this narrative, explicitly committing to Rally1 until the culmination of the five-year homologation cycle, projected to conclude by the end of 2026. This commitment underscores Hyundai's substantial investments…
audi quattro a2, franz wittmann 1984

The history of rally cars

Although there had been exceptions like the outlandish Ford V8 specials created for the 1936 Monte Carlo Rally, rallies before World War II had tended to be for standard or near-standard production cars. Auto manufacturers had entered cars…
wrc, monte carlo 2024

WRC: the FIA wants your opinion

The International Federation has launched an online survey among rally enthusiasts to understand what future to give to the WRC. And it's not a joke… A premise is obligatory. Even though we are in the midst of a carnival atmosphere, what…