Renault Clio: new style in competition

renaul clio

Since its launch, the fifth-generation Renault Clio has proved a real success in competition, with more than 800 units ordered and victories accumulated worldwide. This year, the model enters a new cycle by adopting its road car counterpart’s new assertive, vibrant look.

Clio is an iconic vehicle in the Renault range and the best-selling French car of all time. Since the first generation was launched in 1990, almost 16 million Clios have found owners in no less than 120 countries. The versatile city car was developed for motor racing in 1991 and has made a name for itself in motorsports, with a wide range of versions and affordable prices, meaning there’s a Clio to suit everyone.

Each generation has built on the DNA and achievements of its predecessor, using the same timeless principles. In recent months, Clio has inaugurated a new style to reinvent itself and become an accurate illustration of the Nouvelle Vague Renault. Initiating an unprecedented cycle through an initial interpretation of the brand’s new design philosophy, it features a new front end that combines technology and dynamism. With its redesigned light signature and taut, precise and efficient lines, New Clio has a more pronounced character that is simultaneously statuesque, vibrant and emotional.

Reflections of the production models, Clio Rally3, Clio Rally4, Clio Rally5, Clio Cup and Clio RX have all benefited from the hard work of the teams at Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé and Alpine Racing in Viry-Châtillon. Determined to reinforce their ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the automotive world, they have applied the new design to all competition versions designed and assembled in Dieppe. Underlining the links with Alpine, the ‘Esprit Alpine’ monogram representing the sporty lines of Renault models appears on the wings, while the darkened front and rear logos and the rear bumper finishing touches are also present.

The head-turning New Clio will be in action this season, notably in the Clio Trophy France Asphalte, Clio Trophy France Terre and Clio Cup Series. To keep costs under control, customers and competitors already have access to a kit to have their cars adopt the new design. At the same time, all Clios produced since the end of January are delivered in Phase 2 by the Competition Workshop in Dieppe.

737 Clios have been produced for competition since 2020. Clio Rally5 is the best-seller in the range, ahead of Clio Cup and Clio Rally4. Launched less than a year ago, Clio Rally3 has already seen 44 examples snapped up, while Clio RXs complete the list. France is the leading market, but the Clio is also an international success, with examples sold in 33 countries on four continents. In addition to these figures, production orders are now underway for New Clio, boosting the total over 800 units, including 84 Clio Rally3s and more than 100 Clio Rally4s.

Renault Clio 5 markets (Phase 1)

CountrySalesClio Rally5Clio Rally4Clio Rally3Clio CupClio RXPart
France*2911623520492539,48 %
Italy102597234 13,84 %
Spain704215212 9,50 %
Belgium353041  4,75 %
The Netherlands3416468 4,61 %
United Arab Emirates24   24 3,26 %
Ecuador2214  8 2,99 %
Czech Republic21116 4 2,85 %
Germany2012611 2,71 %
Slovénia1942 13 2,58 %
Switzerland1410112 1,90 %
Romania12102   1,63 %
Poland11 317 1,49 %
Uruguay972   1,22 %
Irlande71 6  0,95 %
Portugal761   0,95 %
Mexico65  1 0,81 %
Estonia5 5   0,68 %
Denmark43  1 0,54 %
Peru43  1 0,54 %
Turkey32 1  0,41 %
Austria2 1 1 0,27 %
Chile22    0,27 %
Greece2  2  0,27 %
Hungary2 2   0,27 %
Taiwan2   2 0,27 %
Bulgaria1     0,14 %
Finland1  1  0,14 %
Indonesia1 1   0,14 %
Japan11    0,14 %
Lebanon11    0,14 %
Luxembourg1 1   0,14 %
Norway1   1 0,14 %
Total737401984416925100 %
Part100 %54,41 %13,30 %5,97 %22,93 %3,39 %