Paraguay wants to enter the WRC immediately

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The South American country is ready to host the WRC World Championship from 2025 with a three-year agreement, and the race’s headquarters will be in Encarnación.

The official announcement is imminent, but we can (almost) confirm Paraguay’s entry into the WRC World Championship. The agreement between the Promoter, FIA, and Local Government is on a three-year basis (2025-2027).

The race, based in the Itapùa department, is expected to take place in August as per the agreements and will be on gravel terrain.As we write this news, various inspections are underway in Paraguay to verify the sanitary and hotel capacities of the territories that will host, in the event of an agreement/green light, the WRC World Championship.

According to the organizers’ plans, the race will be structured on a route of around 320 kilometers of timed stages and will involve the areas of Encarnación, Cambyretá, Nueva Alborada, Santísima Trinidad, Colonias Unidas, Carmen del Paraná, and part of the territory of General Arigas.

In preparation and anticipation of Paraguay’s possible entry into the WRC, two “test” races will be held. The first, in March, will be the Rally Trans ltapua, which will see the presence of some officials and FIA personnel. The second, in August, will be based in Itapúa and will serve as a test race for the Rally del Cile, scheduled fifteen days later. Once again, the presence of FIA personnel cannot be ruled out in this case.