Ogier: “More top cars are needed. The new scoring system is wrong


The eight-time World Champion speaks about the future of the WRC and the new points system

The controversy between the FIA and Constructors over the WRC 2025 regulations shows no sign of calming down, with the three manufacturers (Toyota, Hyundai, and M-Sport) wanting to keep the Rally1 for the next season, while the FIA pushes for a major change. More will be known about the 2025 scenario and beyond in June when the World Motorsport Council meets.

On the current topic, Sébastien Ogier wanted to intervene, the eight-time World Champion also expressed his opinion on the scoring system devised by the FIA for the current season, criticizing it extensively.

“The information on the new regulations may have emerged too quickly and not completely, this is an aspect that definitely needs to be further explored. Teams have made significant financial investments to create the Rally1 cars, but I am aware that having only eight/nine top cars entered the races is not enough. At the same time, we cannot ask the manufacturers to downgrade their cars to WRC2 level”

The Frenchman, therefore, addresses the decision of the FIA to want to overhaul everything, a necessary decision because it is evident that the explosion of costs has removed private teams and seats, but perhaps it has come too quickly.

Changes are necessary and absolutely need to be made, but they must be carried out reasonably, without haste. From what I understand, none of the three teams were enthusiastic after the announcement of the new regulations by the FIA. The right balance between containing the costs of the cars and their spectacle must be found, because this is what the fans of our sport want. If the FIA were to continue on its path, the time for the teams to work on a new car would be reduced. I am confident that the parties can reach a fair agreement, because reforms are needed, but perhaps it is better to make them with a medium to long-term perspective.

Another topic that the Frenchman addressed is the new scoring system devised by the FIA to make the WRC more spectacular. A scoring system that has almost always penalized the winner of the race so far, as happened to Ogier himself in Croatia.

It is sad to see the winner of a rally receive fewer points than those who finished behind him. This has already happened three times this year, the new WRC scoring system is something stupid. It makes no sense, I hope it can change quickly. All this makes no sense in terms of performance, I really do not understand it.