Mythical places: the world looks to Fafe for rallying

Evans-Martin, Portugal Rally 2024

Legend is a word often used in rallying, but few other stages embody this term like Fafe. It’s not just a test of speed and skill; it’s a celebration of passion for rallying. It’s a place where dreams come true and legends are born.

Where to start with the Rally of Portugal? Just when you think you’ve grasped the essence of the place, just when you believe you’ve seen all the passion, all the excitement, and all the energy that this country can offer, your mind drifts to Fafe. The crowd is not a novelty, the barbecues, the flags. We’ve seen it all before, but it’s always different. Always better. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for 364 days. Just a few seconds left.

Fafe, four letters that ignite the imagination of drivers and rally enthusiasts around the world. Every curve, every straight, and every jump of this stage of the World Rally Championship is steeped in history, emotion, and adrenaline. We’ve tried to reason about the essence of Fafe, its magic, its energy. We’ve asked ourselves: what makes Fafe special? And we’ve answered…

The Fafe jump: an icon of the rally

The Fafe Jump, or Pedra Sentada Jump, is undoubtedly the focal point of the entire stage. This stretch of road has captured the attention of millions of spectators, becoming a symbol of the rally. However, the magic of Fafe doesn’t end here. Every meter of this special tells a story, every curve hides pitfalls and promises of glory.

A challenging route

The Fafe special starts relatively simple, with a series of technical but fast hairpin turns. The sunlight filtering through the trees creates an almost enchanted atmosphere. However, the tranquility is only apparent. In 2019, a tree trunk ended Kris Meeke’s hopes, reminding everyone that concentration must be maximum from the first to the last moment. Every turn can be treacherous, every meter can hold surprises.

Legends and memories

As you climb the hills, the landscape changes. Trees give way to large boulders, and memories of past legends become palpable. The rock with the engraved Scottish flag, in honor of Colin McRae, is a tribute to one of the greatest drivers of all time. This stretch of road has seen many heroes pass by, and every stone seems to tell a glorious or tragic episode.

The excitement of the jump

The jump itself is an event in its own right. Days before the rally, fans begin to camp out to secure the best spots. The anticipation grows, the excitement is tangible. When the cars finally take off, the wall of crowd erupts in a roar of euphoria. It’s a magical moment, an apotheosis of speed and skill.

A journey of emotions

Every kilometer of Fafe is a journey of emotions. The technical hairpin turns, the breathtaking descents, the transitions from gravel to asphalt and back, everything contributes to creating an unforgettable experience. Every driver who faces this special knows they are writing a page in the history of rallying. Every spectator knows they are witnessing something unique.

The legend of Fafe

Legend is a word often used in rallying, but no other special embodies this term like Fafe. It’s not just a test of speed and skill, it’s a celebration of passion for rallying. It’s a place where dreams come true and legends are born.

Fafe, with its hairpin turns, memories of past heroes, and the famous jump, remains in the hearts of anyone lucky enough to drive it or witness its spectacle. It’s a name that evokes intense emotions, accelerated heartbeats, and moments of pure euphoria.