Mathieu Franceschi to fight in 2024 ERC on Skoda Fabia Rally2


The frenchman will drive the czech car from AMD Motorsport in the continental series

Mathieu Franceschi, the talented French rally driver, is gearing up for his second full season in the European Rally Championship (ERC). After a commendable sixth-place finish in the 2023 season, Mathieu is once again set to conquer the European stages.

For this exciting 2024 campaign, Mathieu Franceschi will trust the AMD Motorsport team and their trusty Skoda Fabia RS Rally2. His co-driver, Andy Malfoy, will once again navigate alongside him. The season kicks off at the Rally Hungary from April 12 to 14.

Mathieu’s passion for rallying and his partnership with AMD Motorsport promise an exhilarating season ahead. Let’s buckle up for thrilling races and remarkable achievements in the European Rally Championship!

Franceschi's 2024 Skoda
Franceschi’s 2024 Skoda

On his social pages Franceschi wrote:

“Friends, I am delighted to announce our return for a new rally season in the European Championship with our best AMD Motorsport team!!
Still behind the wheel of my trusty Skoda Fabia Rally 2, I can’t wait to reunite with my co-driver, Andy Malfoy, for a thrilling adventure. Together, we form a superb team ready to take on any challenge!
It is with immense honor that I continue my role as a Michelin Motorsport driver for a second consecutive year. A recognition that motivates our entire team to give the best of ourselves!
A huge thank you to our trusted partners, ETS Racing fuel, Winmax Brakes Pads, Gt2i and ABR Performance, as well as to all our loyal partners who believe in me for this project. Your invaluable support is the key to our success!”