Epic battle at Rallye Český Krumlov, Stříteský wins

The race at Rallye Český Krumlov was truly exciting, with Dominik Stříteský winning by just eight tenths over Pech and 3″6 over Kopecky.

The second round of the Czech Championship and third round of the ERT took place on the tarmac of Rallye Český Krumlov and saw an epic battle between the 24-year-old Stříteský with a Skoda Fabia RS rally2 of the Auto Podbabská Škoda Mol team, and the more experienced Vàclav Pech with a Ford Focus RS WRC’07 and Jan Kopecky with a Michelin-shod Skoda Fabia RS rally2 of the Agrotec Škoda Rally Team.

The first day, composed of eight special stages for about 65 kilometers of timed stages, saw an intense battle between five drivers, with Mares and Cais joining the fight along with the three aforementioned. However, on the second day the two FIA ERC drivers were unable to keep up and lost ground, finishing fourth and fifth respectively, with Cais falling victim to a puncture on the final special stage which cost him the fourth position. During the second day, Pech showed excellent performances and gained positions with three stage wins and fast times, which could have brought him to victory without the 10″ penalty received the previous day.

In the end, it was the young Stříteský who triumphed, claiming his first win of the season at the wheel of the new Hankook-shod Fabia RS rally2 and establishing himself as a potential contender for the Czech title. In second place was Jan Kopecky (Pech in terms of the Championship being transparent in terms of scoring acquisition), also with a Fabia RS rally2, while third place was taken by Filip Mares’ Toyota Yaris GR rally2. In the two-wheel drive category, Ján Kundlák in the Hankook-shod Opel Corsa rally4 took the win, followed by the ERT 2023 champion René Dohnal in the Peugeot 208 rally4 and young Dominik Novotný in third place.

Among the entries in the Rally Challenge (championship for non-FIA homologated cars), the victory went to Vàclav Pech in the Ford Focus RS WRC’07, behind the experienced former Czech and Slovak rally champion, Matous Voldrich in the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI, while the podium was completed by Milan Dolak’s Toyota Yaris GR. In the historic category, Vlastimil Neumann won in the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III, while in the Peugeot Cup René Dohnal took the victory.