DRM: Griebel wins for the first time at Rallye Sulingen

The former junior European champion breaks the taboo, winning for the first time in his career at Sulingen.

First career victory on the asphalt of Sulinger for the three-time German champion Marijan Griebel. The 34-year-old from Hahnweiler thus breaks the taboo of the ADAC ACTRONICS Rallye Sulingen, a race that in recent seasons had often seen him as the protagonist of unlucky retirements. The race, especially in the first part, was very balanced with Griebel and Tannert both on Fabia RS rally2, separated by just 2”4 after seven special stages, the race is decided on the two passes of the Steyerberg special stage both won by Griebel.

“Until special stage seven there was substantial balance, the race changed from the eighth timed stage due to longer and more difficult special stages. The choice of tires was not easy, the surface was dry but at the same time very slippery. We got the right strategy, luckily. I really wanted to win this rally, especially after the retirements of previous seasons, we did it and now we are leading the championship” – these are Griebel’s words at the end of the race. Disappointment, instead, in the words of the second-placed Tannert, the 33-year-old, despite winning six special stages, never managed to seriously threaten the winner: “We made a mistake in the tire strategy, we mounted hard tires losing precious seconds. Later, we gambled with rain tires, but unfortunately it didn’t rain for us. However, we managed to win several specials, including the power-stage, and we are still in the running for the title.

The podium is completed by Dennis Rostek and Stefan Kopczyk (Škoda Fabia RS Rally2), for the 50-year-old it is the second season’s victory in the DRM Masters and the first podium of the season, completing the top five Nico Knacker – Thomas Puls in fourth place with a Hyundai i20 rally2 and Martin Christ and Lina Meter, who finish fifth also on a Korean car. In the standings reserved for DRM2 entrants, Tom Kässer and Stephan Schneeweiß on the Peugeot 208 Rally4 get their second victory of the season, beating the Danes Lasse Karlshøj and Isabell Kvick by 18”8 and the Swedes Simon Andersson and Jörgen Jönsson by 36”2 (Renault Clio Rally4).